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Normal Piano Tuning: Pianos that are tuned regularly and are close to standard pitch

Small pitch adjustments done the same day as tuning

Large pitch adjustments (close to a semi-tone or more) requires a second trip to come back and tune the piano.

Replacing broken strings
Plain treble wire depending on the location and length
Prices go down per string for multiple strings

Splicing a broken bass string

​Install new Copper wound bass string
Plus the cost of the new string depending on size and length

Action Work​
Reshaping the hammers: depends on the depth of the grooves

Full upright action regulation

Full grand action regulation

Partial action regulations can be as little as
Other repairs of broken parts: Price will be quoted on site.
Most repairs take 15 - 30 minutes.
Repairs that take just a minute are usually included.

Rebuilding and refinishing of a piano requires an onsite evaluation of the instrument. Call to schedule an appointment.


$25.00 to $50.00




$  40.00 +




$200.00 and up
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