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Normal Piano Tuning: Pianos that are tuned regularly and are close to standard pitch

Small pitch adjustments done the same day as tuning

Large pitch adjustments (close to a semi-tone or more) requires a second trip to come back and tune the piano.

Replacing broken strings
Plain treble wire depending on the location and length
Prices go down per string for multiple strings

Splicing a broken bass string

​Install new Copper wound bass string
Plus the cost of the new string depending on size and length

Action Work​
Reshaping the hammers: depends on the depth of the grooves

Full upright action regulation
Includes reshaping of the hammers

Full grand action regulation
Includes reshaping of the hammers

Partial action regulations can be as little as
Other repairs of broken parts: Price will be quoted on site.
Most repairs take 15 - 30 minutes.
Repairs that take just a minute are usually included.

Rebuilding and refinishing of a piano requires an onsite evaluation of the instrument. Call to schedule an appointment.


$25.00 to $50.00




$40.00 +

$160 - $400.00

$600 - $800.00

$1200. - $1500.00

$200.00 and up
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