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Kenneth Tucker, owner/Piano Tuner/Technician

I was attending college as a music major with the piano as my instrument. My piano at home was in poor condition and I could hardly practice on it. I started getting books out of the library about piano tuning and repair and developed an interest in working on pianos. Then I was told about one of the best schools in the country for piano tuning and repair technology called the North Bennet Street School, located in Boston, Massachusetts. I applied and was accepted to attend the North Bennet Street School.

While there, I received two years of comprehensive training to become a Piano Technician. The first year concentrated on piano tuning services and repairs, and the second year focused on piano rebuilding and refinishing. I graduated from this school in 1981 and have been doing piano tuning in Northern Virginia, and piano tuning in Maryland and parts of Washington DC for over forty years. My services include both piano tuning and repair, and rebuilding and refinishing of pianos. I am an associate member of the Piano Technicians Guild. This provides me with many opportunities for continuing education to keep my skills and techniques updated.

Through the years, my customer base has been individual piano owners, piano teachers, private schools, churches, recording studios, colleges and universities and those preparing their pianos for recitals and performances. My favorite clients are the private individuals with whom I get to develop a professional relationship that can last for years. I am honored to become a partner with them in the continuing care and maintenance of their pianos. If there are children in the home, I enjoy their amazement and interest when I open the piano and I welcome their questions and invite them to observe while I work.
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